Techonology Campfire

Techonology Campfire

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Being great at what you do has a downside. While your staff is busy maintaining your existing products, they fall behind new technology developments. Since we focus on new projects we get to use the latest technology and design thinking. This allows us to work with you to inject fresh ideas and knowledge into your company.

Real World

Lately we went into a well established Online Service to help pick the right technology approach. Many web services are turning to Application frameworks, but struggle with the amount of options. With the web being such a big and open platform tens of thousands of people show off their skills by creating Open Source frameworks and libraries.

A typical choice is React vs Angular. While we have a clear opinion about what is right for our own projects we try to advise our clients based on what is most likely to suit their team. In this case we went with Angular for,

They already had a good UI refinement based on their existing website.