Experience Design for Acquisition and Retention of Customers

Many businesses are in a rush to adjust to the new competitive landscape. A decade ago it was all looking good. The Technology sector had surely shown that a new world was on the way, but still at a pace that you can keep up with.

Investing in the digital customer experience of your customers and channel partners is an investment into your long-term business strategy – critical to customer satisfaction, loyalty and market differentiation. It demonstrates your willingness to ‘live a day in the life’ of your most trusted advisers…the individuals interacting with your products every day.

Hiram Barber, Director, Schneider Electric

Building a great product experience takes time and isn’t easy to spot as a competitor, unless you look for it. If your competitor starts a serious effort to build a great experience it will sneak up on you, and catching up will be challenging, because it the saved up quality keeps paying off down the road.

We see Design as a pre-emptive problem solving approach. Rather than fixing problems once they are showing up in terms of business decline and other disasters, it basically is about “Know Your Customer”.

Companies like Apple, Google and Facebook have used a strong Design practice to accelerate their product development, and their financial results are partly due to this. By having a strong underlying thought framework they can make more changes more often than traditional companies can. This makes them very hard to catch up with. Do anybody even remember MySpace that was acquired by a clueless News Corp for $11 Bn. just 6 years ago? At the time it seemed obvious that Facebook had a much better design foundation to experienced designers, but according to traditional business theory the power of News Corp should be an easy match. As it turned out; In the Internet age big bucks advertising isn’t all that powerful.

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