Henrik Vendelbo

Henrik Vendelbo


I'm an Product Designer+Developer based in Zürich.

I'm currently interested in using Conversational Design to make products with a deeper Human Connection.

I coach teams at companies on Interaction Principles, Web Technology and User Interface development on a project basis.

Drop me a line if you want to discuss the work, a project or design+development in general.

Thank you for stopping by.

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Currently Exploring

For the past couple of years we‘ve been exploring „What might a different set of website ui principles look like?“

We‘ve had a decade of the Single Page Application(Angular, React, Vue etc.) paradigm where most of my colleagues have pitched a desktop paradigm on the web. For actual applications such as Single Dealer Trading web-apps it fits reasonably well, but in more ad-hoc scenarios it seems heavy and bloated.

I talked about seeking a new navigation paradigm at Google Dev Days 2016 grounded in the UI Principles for Chat apps opposed to those of most other apps and webapps.

Our latest experiment tries to combine the Chat UI with a Card Navigation UI. It leads the application experience with conversation, and is a natural fit with interactions seeded by notifications. It maintains the flexibility of Direct Manipulation and Dialogue (More...)

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Personal Messages

The Prototype was designed with Sketch and Principle to try out the navigation feel, content is intentionally vague.

Initially the conversation will be short so the scrolled height of the conversation is about one screen height. It could fit in a card, and the card could be anywhere in the stack. Since the conversation relates to a single domain, there is a conceptually a single conversation, even if multiple people/bots join and leave the conversation. (messages app vs chat room )


In this talk I compared the UI paradigms of Apps, Websites, Social and Chat (View all videos here)

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Currently Reading

WTF Economy
WTF: What's the Future? by Tim O'Reilly

Previous Work

My previous work range from messaging server development, Web and Native UI development, mobile usability design, GUI design tool development, interactive e-learning, online marketing. 

My interests include Conversational Design, Future of Media Streaming, Automated Digital Assistants, Integrating Design+Development. I am currently focused on cross-channel conversation flow and streaming media experiences. 


Development Coaching - Zürich (2017-18)

Switzerland legal society is covered 70% by a single service for finding legal precedent. The site is run by a competent server engineering team. They don't have experience with frontend development with React and Angular. I advised on using Angular due to their existing know-how, and coached them for a year on the details.


Private Bank - Krakow (2017) 

Currency Exchange algorithmic trading app 

I worked with the team in Krakow and New York to redesign several aspects of the User Interface, including a blotter for orders and fills.  The initial design was an interactive prototype. Joining the project, we made sure that we, along with the development team, understood the design and constraints in detail. We refined the primary user scenarios and information principles, hopefully leading to better clarity and productivity. 

UI refinement, New User Experience, Simplification.

Taking food snap

Colheita Fresca Loulé (2017) 

Online Marketing approach for Restaurant

Product Selection to promote online. Wording of social media adverts, Sourcing images for advertisement. Collaborating on the interior design for the restaurant. Co-designed an initial website. 

No Music No Life

Music Sculpture (2017)

Streaming Music App

We held a ad-hoc design sprint in Copenhagen, revisiting the product design and business approach for a new music streaming service. I participated as a designer along with the founders of the project. I contributed with the initial sketches of the application sign-up.

Media Publishing

Media Publishing System (2017)

Helped develop a journalism publishing system for a major Swiss media organisation.

Glide Logo

Glide Service Design (2016)

Workshop in San Francisco on volunteer participation program improvement

Contribution: Worked with 4 other designers to design a solution to a problem and present improvements to their experience

Swiss Structured Products Trading

Telephony Customer Portal (2016)

Customer Sales and Support Workflow with Angular JS

Joined team as a senior resource focused on Front End Web Development. Over the course of 2 years our team delivered 3 separate workflows for doing complex sales product configuration of telephony systems for SME customers. Focus on Usability, browser compatibility, speed and knowledge transfer.

Fluent Globe Logo

Interactive Learning App with Games (2015)

What are the qualities of existing learning and teaching that we should infuse in our games? This presentation was made after our initial prototyping of games made for Students at Fluent Globe.

Contribution: Instructional Design Ideation. Identified and designed the game mechanics for learning numbers and directions.

Swiss Structured Products Trading

Multi-Asset Trading Website (2014)

Enabled the local Swiss banks to trade a broad range of assets professionally

Technical Lead bringing real-time web technology from an established vendor in London to a local Swiss team. Initially we implemented interactive Structured Product design, and later moved on to Bonds and Securities trading. Focus on Usability, browser compatibility, speed and knowledge transfer.