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Caterine Apruzzese

Skill Set

My previous work range from interactive digital learning, UI/UX design and online marketing. I'm interested in how to design with storytelling and I'm currently focused on exploring user on-boarding for web and mobile applications.

  • Information Architecture

    Information Architecture

    Content design, organization and presentation

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    User Research

    Gathering user data through interviews, questionnaires, customer surveys.

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    Instructional Design

    Integrating learning principles into digital learning material. Interactive learning.

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    User Onboarding

    Converting users mentally to understanding and appreciating your product.

Previous Work

Algorithmic Trading App

Kick-Start in Krakow

  • We worked together with friends from FastFin based in New York on getting a project off the ground for a Private Bank. The initial 6 weeks were carried out in at Headquarters where the business case was built along with an interactive prototype.

    By having a working prototype discussions about what needs to be done and if something needs to work differently becomes much more concrete. It also allows early testing and evaluating with prospective users possible. That can make or break the real world success.

    In the end the Bank wasn’t looking to tick boxes, but really wanted to make a good product so management joined with us during the workshops for the initial 6 weeks.

  • This was followed up with workshops in Poland together with the development and testing team. By working directly together we went through the most important usability aspects and made some key adjustments while making sure that the development team understood what the important elements were, and how the application should feel to use.

    We would want to display 15 pieces of information in 15 columns. Financial Tables: How might we use the space better to show a lot of information without loosing comprehension?

    Caterine Apruzzese, Designer @Digital Gap
  • Caterine
    @ Banking Client

    Since we started with an existing prototype, I started reviewing the Interaction principles currently there and implicit in the business. Several problems were mapped.

    Trading applications contain a lot of data and repeated numbers. I looked into ways of making complex tables more readable based on priority, scenario and frequency.

    On a normal visit to the website, you are interested in open orders, not past order history. I changed the user interface to separate the older order history and added filtering to support looking for a specific past order.

  • Sketches from Krakow

Design Sprint Copenhagen

Music Sculptor, Streaming Service

  • Our friend in Copenhagen wanted to revive an old business idea. So we packed our bags and spent 4 days rethinking the approach for the world of Today. Professional music is largely based on technology concepts from the 80s and 90s, so what could be done with 20s technology.

    How might we... (just a couple)

    • classify/profile their audience?
    • offer live video streaming to the venue?
    • technical staff test the actual sound ahead of time in the venue
    • keep performances fresh (time limited)
    • offer provide special events
  • This was a shorter version of Google Ventures Design Sprint. With more time we would have brought in Future Users to try out prototypes

    1. One: Map the problem space, understanding the business and design challenges
    2. Two: Sketching the Journey for DJ Persona joining the Service
    3. Three: Sketching the review process for Uploaded Music
    4. Four: Sketching and trying out User Interface
  • Caterine
    @ Music Sculptor

    I participated as a designer along with the founders of the project. I contributed with the initial sketches of the application sign-up.

    My family experience in the hospitality industry allowed me to relate better to the users..

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Music Service Onboarding Design

Designing a music streaming service app

  • Debbie runs a cocktail Bar in London with a quirky Shoreditch style/ design. It features a visual throwback mixed with alternate modernism. It aims to evoke a dreamy high.

    The music she aims for is a mix of quaint, hipster, future positive, hopeful and happy.

    Debbie wants her venue to play music that enhances the experience of the customer visiting, offers a unique feel/identity and has a differentiating factor, that makes it stand out from other bars.

  • Her challenge is finding a skilled DJ that matches her vision and paying a pro DJ to play at her bar vs hoping the staff can also do that job.

    Debbie doesnt want another regular responsibility, like managing Djs, more office work or meetings. She doesnt want to be bound by time or place either. She wants an easy way of checking that the right music is being played as expected.

  • Music Service Onboarding Design

    User onboarding paradigm for getting to know the users of the app better showing only relevant information on a small screen.

    Watch videoSee the onboarding of Music Sculptor

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  • Caterine
    @ Music Sculptor

    Together with a colleague, we have identified and designed the initial sign up flow with sketches.

    The first part of the journey deals with signing up for the service and installing the app for it.

    I have designed the concept on how to onboard the user, which consists of a conversational UI, where we gradually get to know more about the user and she is given possible responses.

  • DJ profile

Glide Non-Profit Workshop

Cooper Workshop, San Francisco

  • We felt it was time to learn first hand how they approach Product Design in California. For a week we attacked a real world design challenge, and in the end presented our solution to the product manager.

    Product Design is more our thing, so the idea of re-thinking a service for homeless was initially a concern.

    It turned out that by not having a product to tinker with, we had to think hard about the User Journey and the emotions involved.

  • Challenges such as Customer Retention, Satisfaction, Product-Market-Fit come to the center in service design.

    What scares the user away? Why will the user come back? How colleagues and friends affect opinions? Identity and belonging. You easily move into branding and marketing, so those responsible should be team players in our future service design.

  • Caterine
    @ San Francisco

    I worked a shift as a volunteer, and moved on to interview the Product Manager with my colleagues.

    We then spent the week building a Persona, Journey Map and Solution Prototype

  • Glide Kitchen

Language Learning Navigation

Fluent Globe, Website & App

  • Sometimes a project does not evolve like you hope it would, I guess it always throws stones in your path. In our case we realised that the existing website navigation was perhaps too complex. The user visiting may know what they want to do but not how to do it.

    The existing website seemed like a a collection of different documents rather than a book with a beginning, middle and end.

    The webpage should take the user on a journey, with a single and clear objective and the navigation should fit that.

  • The current website is also very content heavy, making it extra hard for the user to digest the content and focus on a single task. We asked ourselves if there is a way to simplify the home page, sign up and navigation based on two scenarios.

    • Get general information on the company and people.
    • Specific product and sign up to try it

    As with every project, we have learned valuable lessons that we should keep in mind for future tasks. The website had been born before we knew our audience very well.

    It was time to review and clarify our persona and user journey before jumping into a redesign.

  • Caterine @ Fluent Globe

    For the Fluent Globe website redesign, I have identified and designed two navigation menus. A step by step navigation that lays out related pages side by side on a mobile first web page.

    I have also experimented a redesign with a hamburger navigation pattern. Prototyped a layout intended for mobile but also works on desktop.

    Designed sign-up process across the website and Fluent Globe app. Made all prototypes with Sketch and Justinmind

Interactive Learning App with Games

Language Games design

  • Our aim was to design a language learning app with games, that focused primarily on listening and comprehension. Since our primary persona was a busy professional expat on the go, we have designed for mobile only.

    We started by looking at traditional classroom exercises and material such as textbooks and audio CDs. What are the qualities of existing learning and teaching that we should infuse in our learning games?

    How might we apply traditional learning exercises in a Smartphone Game directly interacting with characters and elements on screen?

    Caterine Apruzzese, On Modern Instructional Design
  • Our challenge was to convert static exercises, mostly based on direct translations and fill in the gap exercises into a gamified experience, that takes the learner on a specific journey based on their current level. The second challenge is to maximise engagement and motivation.

    We have learned that optimal learning of vocabulary occurs when a student is in a particular situation where what they are learning is immediately usable and can be applied to the real world. Games should be based on their situation and context. They should also track the exact level of the student in detail. Identify where they stumbled or completed the task successfully.

  • Caterine @ language learning game

    We worked as a team of two to ideate how the games should work. We have sketched game logic for navigation for teaching directions (labyrinth style) and teaching numbers.

    We have identified how often a word is exposed to the learner. Space repetition-interweaving the learning over a period of time, from short-term to long-term memory.

  • Study Where You Are

    Robert is jumping on a train to visit a client. He wants to ask directions, but doesn't know how to!


    In the Moment

    Seize the Moment to learn from your current situation and environment.

Design Exploration

Digital Gap, Zürich

  • For the past couple of years we've been exploring „What might a different set of website UI principles look like?“

    We‘ve had a decade of the Single Page Application(Angular, React, Vue etc.) paradigm where most of my colleagues have pitched a desktop paradigm on the web. For actual applications such as Single Dealer Trading web-apps it fits reasonably well, but in more ad-hoc scenarios it seems heavy and bloated.

  • Henrik talked about seeking a new navigation paradigm at Google Dev Days 2016 grounded in the UI Principles for Chat apps opposed to those of most other apps and webapps.

    Our latest experiment tries to combine the Chat UI with a Card Navigation UI. It leads the application experience with conversation, and is a natural fit with interactions seeded by notifications. It maintains the flexibility of Direct Manipulation and Dialogue (More...)

Colheita Fresca Online

Food Concept in Portugal

  • Partly due to a family connection I was involved in creating a food concept in Portugal. The baseline of the project consisted of opening a small restaurant and bar in the South of Portugal, a region that is visited by millions of people in the holiday season.

    By default the restaurant business is one of the hardest to get right. We started off by asking 'How might we' questions to unwrap potential opportunities to the following problems.

    • How might we offer products that people will travel for?
    • How might we add a digital dimension?
    • How might we stay busy all year round?
    • How might we promote an idea of high quality and welcoming atmosphere?

    We have learned that advertising on Social Media was good to get the ball rolling. Then you need to broaden the reach by getting reviews on Google and Trip Advisor.

    We also learned that people tend to prefer full dishes over tapas size dishes and that we should focus the promotion material on one or two signatue dishes.

  • Caterine
    @ Colheita Fresca

    I was involved in ideation for name and logo design. We worked as team to collect moodboards and ideas for interior design.

    Product selection to promote online. Wording of social media adverts, and sourcing and designing images for advertisement.

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  • Interactive Learning on iPad

    When Apple launched iBooks Author we jumped at the chance to teach Languages interactively. Based on Caterines background in Language and Teaching she put a beginners language course in a form that can be read and listened to.

    In the end I wrote 3 books between 2012 and 2014

    • Book Store
    • Real World Spoken
    • By the Numbers
  • Book: Portugese for Travellers

    Based on our 2 month visit to Brazil, I wrote a book for people visiting, that would teach them a few useful phrases in an enjoyable manner.

    • Travel Vocab
    • Taxi and Car Rental
    • Video

    Authored with iBooks Author. Videos edited with Motion and Final Cut Pro X. Survey and Upsell Widget made with iAds Producer / Atom. Published based on Apple Marketing Guide.

  • Book: Habla Inglés en Londres

    With the big shifts in Europe we saw many Spanish speakers migrating to London. This led us to write a book for learning practical English phrases.

    • First Lesson
    • For the Guys
    • Time to Study

    Authored with iBooks Author. Videos edited with Motion and Final Cut Pro X. Survey and Upsell Widget made with iAds Producer / Atom. Published based on Apple Marketing Guide.

  • Book: Recipes Visiting Brazil

    World Cup was coming to Brazil in 2014. We combined Language Learning with information about Travel Advice.

    • Language & Tips
    • Things to Avoid
    • Confused

    Authored with iBooks Author. Videos edited with Motion and Final Cut Pro X. Survey and Upsell Widget made with iAds Producer / Atom. Published based on Apple Marketing Guide.