Caterine Apruzzese

Caterine Apruzzese


I’m an Interaction Designer based in Zürich.

I’m currently interested in “How might we use design thinking to create products that are enjoyable and add vale to people’s lives”.

I sometimes help companies with Interaction Design work on a project basis.

Drop me a line if you want to discuss the work, a project or user experience design in general.

Previous Work

My previous work ranges from language learning, online marketing, interactive e-Learning to my passion that ties it all together User Experience Design.

Glide Service Design - San Francisco 2016

In the beginning of November visited we the Glide Foundation in San Francisco to help propose a better Experience Design for people that volunteer to make and serve food for homeless people. The goal was to re-design the Volunteering Experience, deepen connection and spark repeat volunteerism.

Contribution: Worked with 4 other designers to design a solution to a problem and present improvements to their experience

The Fluent Globe website needed a new navigation scheme. We looked at the main scenarios relevant for selling courses and picked two that provide the value to the business as well as the visitor. The goal was Step-by-step navigation that lays out related pages side by side based on the idea that visitors to the Home page will:

Contribution: Identified and designed two navigation menus. Prototyped a layout that works equally well on mobile and desktop. Integrated sign-up process across website and app. Made all prototypes with Sketch and Justinmind

Interactive Learning App with Games

To design a series of topical interactive mobile games with the purpose of teaching vocabulary and sentences and maximise engagement.

What are the qualities of existing learning and teaching that we should infuse in our games? This presentation was made after our initial prototyping of games made for Students at Fluent Globe.

Contribution: Instructional Design Ideation. Identified and designed the game mechanics for learning numbers and directions.

Interactive Language Books

The goal was to achieve a new approach for Interactive Language Learning on an iPad.

My contribution was to design the content, page layouts, and arrange the visual elements of every page.